The Story Behind Creatures & Creators


Two Minds. One Dream.
Two Styles. One Vision.

Two Generations. One Love.With over a decade of experience in the music industry, brothers Adam & Benjamin are now here to make their mark on the electronic dance movement. Adam’s vibes could chill the other side of your pillow, while Benjamin’s beats will trap your soul. Based out of Sacramento, California, C&C has been innovating the music industry unnoticed for years..

Formerly known as Litchfield with partner Mario, Adam & Benjamin have taken their music to a new, different level in the electronic dance community. After electronically remixing Litchfield’s pop rock album, Adam & Benjamin found their calling in the business of producing EDM.

Performing as Litchfield at Warped Tour year after year gave Adam & Benjamin a taste of the rockstar lifestyle.
Performing as Litchfield at Ultra Miami gave Adam & Benjamin a taste of what it felt like to inspire a crowd.
Performing as Litchfield under a record label gave Adam & Benjamin the eye opening experience they needed to tackle anything the music industry could throw at them.

Stronger than ever, Adam & Benjamin emerge from the shadows of Litchfield to bring you:
Creatures & Creators
Created with the inspiration that every life can & will make a difference; with the hope that one love can & will conquer all; with the knowledge that any human has the power make a name for themselves.

We are all Creatures.
We are all Creators.